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Welcome! Our prayers are for many new & exciting things to happen in your life and at East Liberty this year!


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10:45am or 6:00pm

Welcome to East Liberty Church of the Nazarene!

East Liberty Church of the Nazarene is looking for you, your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances to join with us as we seek God, and continue to equip our church to reach out to others and extend the hand of God through love, commitment, discipleship, community mindedness, and meeting people where they are in life.

We are striving to help build God’s Kingdom and worship Him through prayer, music, teaching the Bible, and building supporting relationships as we each walk through life’s various journeys.  


Service Times

9:30 am Sunday School

10:45 am Morning Worship

6:00 pm Sunday Evening Service  


Goodtime iii – Narrated Luncheon Tour - Flying Solo Outing

August 24, 2019

August 24, 2019 9:00 AM

August 24, 2019

You can enjoy the water on one of the three decks of the Goodtime iii. This is a “PRE-PAID” reservation event. The cost is $35.95 for Adults and $25.95 for kids ages 2-12. We would like to order all of our tickets at one time so we will be able to sit together for lunch, learn some history and enjoy Lake Erie. Any one interested in attending will need to Pre-Pay no later than Sunday, August 4, 2019. Read more for full details.

Please Register if attending via contact form



9:30 AM Tuesdays
Ladies Bible Study

1st Tuesdays
Ladies Dinner Out

7:00 PM Wednesdays

Bible Study and TEEN Group

1:00 & 6:30 PM 3rd Thursdays
Flying Solo and Living Ready & On Purpose

We are still adding new ministries, so check back soon!

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Pastor's Corner

Recently I was involved in a lengthy conversation with a very nice man.  We were talking about all the things that will be in Heaven.  Quite honestly, I tried not to be rude but my desire was to end the conversation with him as quickly as possible.  It is not in appropriate to have those sorts of discussions but idle curiosity can be a huge waster of our time.  What I notice is that rarely does anyone want to talk about what will not be there.  Sin will not be there…not one hint of it.  There will also be no room for self in any of its forms.  Our attitudes, our bitterness, our viciousness….none of that will be there.  Re-route the conversation in that direction and it will usually abruptly end.  Ironic, is it not, that no one wants to talk about Hell.  I encourage you to never give up being lovingly honest with people.  Far too many of our fellow human beings make assumptions about eternity that are simply not biblical.  No matter what, may you never stray from the Word and may you always adhere to its truth.


Pastor Mike

pastor Mike Hirschfelt

Pastor's Corner is written by Pastor Mike Hirschfelt and updated each week.